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Have you ever looked out the window and wondered… What’s next? From pencil to mouse to 3D printers. Humans have evolved, have you? Cause we have.

Client: Senthi Skin Care

Senthi is a cosmetics and skincare brand born in the heart of Africa. They produce high-end, luxurious skincare products that are accessible to all South Africans and the world.

Client: Volksvagen

Volkswagen launched their new Polo to the market and was searching for an activation that inspired confidence. We installed three 20m screens to make the audience feel like they were driving in the new Polo.

Client: Angles+Earth Terrariums

Angles+Earth is a terrarium company designing unique landscapes housed in a geometric shaped glass. Founded by Denny Mo, creative director of M0. His team and Denny designed the brand, website and product and now a success in South Africa and growing internationally.


Everything we draw, design, code or mould is an illusion. It’s all down to how well we can pull off the illusion before your eyes. The more beauty we add, the more believable they become. W have master the art of make believe.

Client: Nissan

Nissan is launching their new fleet of cars at the Festival of Motoring 2016. We have helped design the stage and full details to the event, stage design, branding, event management, choreography, video production, it’s a big big launch.

Client: Hertex Fabric

Hertex is the largest fabric supplier in South Africa supplying quality and fashionable fabrics to major retailers in South Africa. They are revamping their new website and we were commission to redesign their new blog.

Client: Revlon

Revlon was seeking to launch their deodorant range to the market. We help design a national campaign to help promote the deodorant as well as a main prize of R250,000. Two TVC were also produced for each of the deodorants.


A brand isn’t just a logo or a name, it’s a belief, a culture, a demeanour. We create unique brands that stands against the test of time. From simple packages for startup companies to in-depth Brand book that defines every detail for the large corporations.


A website is your company’s window to the world, you want to make sure it’s captivating. We create memorable experiences, simplified shopping, visually captivating content for online users. Our work are all search engine optimised, mobile compatible and secure for your peace of mind.


With our team of industrial designers we can help create products from CAD to manufacturing. Our team of agents in Asia can ensure this process is simplified. With experience in mould making, 3D printing, packaging design and event simulation, we turn drawings into marketable goods.


Visuals are everything you see, colours, shapes, typography, depths, tones, materials & textures. We art direct photoshoots, video productions, event designs, mobile applications, store designs, product overviews. Our meticulous eyes will oversee what others don’t.


Audio is combination of sound waves and frequency working in harmony to resonate with your soul. Our producers are music talents from all over the world. We team up and ensure your audio trembles across the world.


Virtual Reality is here and it’s a taste of what’s to come. Our developers are playing in this 3D space creating virtual experiences taking you into the digital world. From filming to 3D gaming space we can develop a unique platform for you to sell your products in.